Ismail K Jalili


Colour Plates (Photographs) / Family Trees

  a St John Ophthalmic Hospital, Jerusalem  
  b The history of Palestine  
  c Outpatient clinics: contrast between wealthy and poor countries  
  d Blindness in Southern Sudan  
  e Blind schools field work in the Gaza Strip, 1985-1987  
  f Blind schools and UNRWA Training Centre in Gaza 1985-1978  
  g corneal infection from measles from an epidemic in 1914  
  h Ocular Trauma from bomb explosion in Gaza Strip  
  i Congenital corneal oedema  
  j Photographs of syndromatic ectopia lentis (temporarily removed)  
  k Advanced congenital glaucoma  
  l Spectrum of microphthalmia from Gaza Strip  
  m Large albino family  
n Skin lesions in albinism
  o Evolution of macular changes in cone-rod dystrophies  
  p Evolution of dental lesions in amelogenesis imperfecta  
  q Trichomegaly with congenital hypertrichosis in congenital amaurosis of the cone-rod  
  r -  
  s Severe photophobia from cone degeneration relieved by dark red tinted glasses  
  t Advanced metastatic retinoblastoma in a child  
  u Leucocoria from optic nerve head coloboma and extra digit  
  v Gaza poverty and Jabalia's Camp shanty town  
  w   Rural roads in the Gaza Strip 1985-1987  
      Family Trees  
  Ft1 Gaza A family chart: Cone-rod dystrophy & amelogenesis imperfecta - type 2 (Jalili syndrome 1) from Khan Yunus (Younis), Gaza Strip  
  FT2   Pedigree Chart of Gaza B family: Cone Rod Dystrophy & Amelogenesis Imperfecta -Jalili Syndrome #1) from Gaza City (Pending publication in Eye (Lond) (2010). doi:10-1038/eye.2010.103 (Pending)  
  FT3   Gaza C family chart: Cone-rod dystrophy & amelogenesis imperfecta - type 2 (Jalili syndrome) from Rafah, Gaza Strip.  

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